Thursday, March 19, 2009

insomnia... thinking of the next thing

I received a call for art for the Redmond Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition; so most of the night I spent envisioning the sculpture and placing it in the context of Redmond.

The initial idea is to cast an easel out of bronze and have it function- be a space of reflecting on this landscape. The parameters are:
* Outdoor sculptures large enough to be seen from a distance, and representing high artistic value and craftsmanship. Sculptures must be designed for outdoor viewing and maintenance. For safety reasons, each piece must be securely installed and present no major risk factors, especially for children.

Have never cast in bronze so that would be an adventure! I will take the month of April to prepare the proposal.

The other idea would be to enter our poem- your necklace- I want this piece out in public although the above exhibition is probably not the context. I would also love for this piece to travel physically between us to our respective coasts. Mostly I just want to touch and feel your hand in making the piece. I am also inspired of the photos of you with the piece- I see it as a beautiful drawing; figure, beads, another figure, the morse necklace as a link between. Now I am envisioning a circle of women with the morse necklace strung around the neck and then continuing on from the throat chakra to the next woman. Let me give you a call.

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