Saturday, January 30, 2010

Open Engagement no-go

Another rejection:

Dear Angela,

This year Open Engagement received nearly 300 proposals and we spent nearly two weeks thoroughly reviewing all of them. The selection committee greatly enjoyed these submissions and truly wishes that it were possible to include all of them but to do so would simply exceed our capacity. The committee was forced to make tough decisions and were unable to accommodate many esteemed and valued colleagues.
Unfortunately this year we are unable to accommodate your submission. We strongly encourage you to apply again next year. Part of the spirit of Open Engagement is being able to create an event where we can take care of all of our participants; part of that includes housing, meals, and transportation once in Portland. With that said the number of individuals we can accept is very small and we are unable to take on many proposals that we would have loved to include in this conference.
Thank you very much for your time and for sharing your work with us.
All our very best,
The Open Engagement planning committee

Open Engagement
Making Things
Making Things Better
Making Things Worse

May 15-17, 2010
Portland, OR

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Marks We Make

I thought the description of the current exhibition at the Goodman Gallery in Cape Town to be interesting:

‘The Marks We Make’ seeks to explore notions of mark-making as expressions of territory, violence, memory and/or play. The show will look at ways in which marks are used to claim territory, and to assert ownership, as well as the violence that often accompanies such markings. It could also look at the marks that are left behind – both physically and psychically – and the role that marks play in our personal and collective memories. Additionally, drawings often form part of a larger creative process, in which the drawing acts to inform the final work, but simultaneously exists as a work in its own right. This process is often quicker, freer, less constrained, and thus perhaps moving into the realm of play.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Meditation as Action as Drawing as Performance

Meditation action - sitting on top of Rosenclaire's "Soapboxes" in front of the South African National Gallery, Cape Town South Africa. Beading the phrase "not to speak is to speak, not to act is to act". Glass beads, silk thread.

Action in collaboration with "Strengths and Convictions" exhibition, commemorating the lives of the four South African Nobel Peace Prize laureates. November 30, 2009. Duration: 1 hour

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rest of Alphabet

cleaning hair and dust off the bathroom floor
cleaning the windowsill

clearing the crumbs from breakfast

collecting crumbs from lunch

collecting lint off darks

leftover ginger bread crumbs and sawdust

picking up a quote on scrap paper

picking up what sticks from the carpet and polishing the table

reusing a torn tea bag

rubbing dust off the stove vent

sweeping dust off the shower door

sweeping studio/garage floor

trimming dress threads and lint

wiping chalkboard dust and flour

wiping dust off the dryer

wiping dust off the fan

Monday, January 11, 2010

Open Engagement revised


To/From Mothering Alphabet project is two-fold. One to present a new alphabet, made up of 26 symbols correlating to 26 mothering sounds from labor. Each symbol would be installed in an intimate nook around the city of Portland. A correlating map would be handed out for pedestrians to walk the city as a journey down the birth canal, along the way experiencing sounds of natural labor.

The choice for particular sounds of mother in labor are; to bring the intimate space of birth into a public setting, to have a woman’s experience be heard/have a platform and to invent a new language using maternal sounds as a basis of communication. At the end of the journey the public/participant will have the option to project/exhale/moan/shout/cry their sound upon an open public space, perhaps over the Willamette River. Their sound will be recorded, continuing to build on this language.

What I am thinking about for Open Engagement

An Other Alphabet- To/From Mothering Alphabet

Performance, Presentation- Teaching the sounds of the mothering alphabet
I pick up one symbol at a time, project it through an overhead projector onto the opposite side of the installation space onto a white screen. I pronounce one letter at a time, asking the class to repeat after me. Each letter/symbol represents a sound from labor.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Meditation as Action as Drawing as Performance

November 30, 2009
Meditation as Action as Drawing as Performance
Performance on Rosenclaire's Soapboxes, in front of the South African National Gallery, in collaboration with its current exhibition Strengths and Convictions, which honors the four South African Noble Peace Prize winners.

Meditation performance creating the piece "Not To Speak Is To Speak, Not To Act Is To Act".
The intention behind the Morse code pieces has transformed from simply presenting them to performance work that incorporates the process as integral to the final object created.

This is to reveal the common threads between meditation and everyday actions.

Performance stills

video stills
Meditation performance (Meditation as Action as Drawing as Performance)
November 30, 2009
Performed on Rosenclaire's Soapboxes
South African National Gallery
Cape Town

work in progress: Open Engagement

Please let me know what you think - is it clear?
Would love some help

Open Engagement statement draft

For the upcoming Open Engagement, slated for May 2010, artist Angela Rose Voulgarelis proposes an interactive performance piece entitled Airing Dirty Laundry that aims to facilitate communication in new and unexpected ways.

An actual laundry line will be drawn in a public place, in front of which the artist will spend a portion of each day sitting and embroidering texts onto bed sheets – which she intends to then hang from the line at the end of each day.

Next to the artist will be a transparent ballot box, ballot cards, and pencils – this will be to exchange and collaborate with the public. Passersby will be asked to fill out the cards with the pencils provided and place them in the box. The texts from the cards will be what the artist will then embroider onto the sheets; the pencils will be offered as the exchange.

The choice to perform an everyday action in public rather than in private is in and of itself a way to intervene in space: it interrupts ideas of ‘acceptable’ civic behavior. To combine it with the playful yet thought-provoking notion of “airing dirty laundry” also aims to encourage people to share stories and life experiences they would ordinarily keep to themselves. This will, in turn, bring to light what we as a community tend to neglect: our own interconnection. Through the meditative repetition of an everyday activity, it is the intention of the artist to transform the notions of personal suffering into more universal empathy.

It would be a pleasure to perform Airing Dirty Laundry at the Open Engagement event this May 2010.

Thank you in advance for the consideration.

Friday, January 8, 2010


Ciao darling,
Just arrived back from Cape Town.
Insomnia has set in.
Working on Portland statement and application now.

Friday, January 1, 2010


May your decade be filled with love, love from everyone around you.
May your dreams be fulfilled.
May you find delight in all that you do.
And enjoy a peaceful mind.

See you in May...