Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Friday, December 7, 2012

suspended images in water (notes on pg.4&5)

touch is where thoughts are formed
you can't speak for anything else
no such thing as the world- your world,
loose and shifting- play with it
still there unscrew all those things
wealth of material
how slowly ideas get formed and content coming in blames part of the present
new model, thought differently all along
everything is in the air
country or city with nature
arguing- choice of direction
how you were going to participate or not
20th century- specialization
cross discipline/ cross species
roots of science > art
rewrite fundamental discourse as one discourse- correlation between art and science
world is an illusion
deconstruction as a process- (Homi Bhabha) 

shifting material- fluid, solid and fluid again
(resin, wax) water, melt an ice cube in the form of a face
let melt into a pool and recycle into another
face picks up dist and dirt along the way
show video recording of process