Saturday, May 18, 2013


In three weeks we are moving from the Cz back to the uS.

Listing the To Do items will hopefully ease this transition.

prenatal yoga (at least once a week, daily would be preferable)
vacuum (every other day)
pack up grandma in a box (prioritize items to fit into small suitcase)
pack rest of grandma material into boxes (to use at a future residency)
patch up walls of studio
paint sculptures (studio time, once a week, daily would be preferable)

sell rest of items
pack 6 suitcases
pack reading material for the trip (Italo Calvino and David Bohm)
polish apartment (leave it better than when we moved in)

focus on teaching while at school
write last three weeks of lesson plans
keep an eye on nutrition and eat things of substance

share quality time with whomever is around

there is time (keep this as a reminder)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

wearing grandpa's suit

Thanks for your example, Frida.

(side view)
(oil on clay, roughly 5x3 in. started from mold of grandfather's soap.)