Wednesday, May 26, 2010

post reflections

("Family," part of overlays series, cut paper on glass, roughly 14x6")

Fam. detail 1

Fam. Detail 2

Fam. Detail 3

("Multiple Pyramid," roughly 14x10")

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

sound bites

"It is the sound of a language I do not know, but understand."
10 second recorders are distributed to continue expanding "To/From Mothering Alphabet".
Each participant is asked to take the recorder with him/her to a safe, comfortable setting.
He or she is asked to record a personal, non-verbal sound. An example is a man's deep, escalating growl while pounding a table. Participant can rerecord until s/he is satisfied.
This project comes from my experience within labor, vocalizing in a language that I had accessed for the first time.

with Karen Dunbar and Michael Minelli, reflections from LA

("Play, Power 1," 8.5x14", ink on legal pad)

We discussed the history of using the legal paper and what the relationship is between power and play. A question raised was; can this (type of play) happen outside of the domestic?

("Overlays, No.4," (below) all figures smaller than 8x10", cut paper taped onto glass.)

We discussed the importance of seeing the intimacy of the face, the gaze or expression. The tape was also discussed and the relationship to Duchamp's glass and how his work was specifically about his relationships. We also discussed the installation- the paperwork was displayed on a studio door, so the forms are reliant on the architecture. Architecture without Architects was mentioned.
Questions raised were: Why is it always two? Is it site specific or can it be free standing, propped on glass, etc.?
Not only did I get to present my work in a studio visit but I spent a day and a half in Karen's and Michale's intimate studio/home. It's special in that this space was cohabited by two artists both dedicated to their practice (at least two thirds of the space is the studio). One enters through a commercial looking space- a milky, glass door into the long, open space pf the studio. Walking past the library/storage and studio restroom, one finds all the amenities and comforts of home; living room, kitchen, bedroom, guest room, even a garden.
The transformation of space especially by artists always stuns and inspires me.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

comparison is the root of all unhappiness.
comparison is the root of all unhappiness.
between me and you
between above and below
between top coat and underpainting
between proclamations and reality
between me and husband
between me and Ali
between me and the door
between me and the house
between me and household responsibility
between me and the institution
between me and perceived intelligence of the academic institution
between me and patriarchy
between me and duality is duality
between my inner and outer form
inner and outer are aspects of the same whole
between me and the viewer
there is no separation, we are both participants

Monday, May 10, 2010


between me and you
between my top coat and children's mural underpainting
between me and Will (husband)
between me and Ali
between me and Emily (fellow student)
between me and the door (outside)
between me and the house (the objects of the house
between me and the institution
between me and patriarchy
between my inner and outer form
between me and the viewer

Friday, May 7, 2010

Thanks for the Marina inspiration!

working/playing through the process

("Disrupting Order," ink printed in draft mode onto legal paper, overlaid with red ink by 4 yr.old, 8.5x14")
The more I write and practice, the more I understand that the random happenings
are actually the work. For Example when Ali scribbled on my printing paper the contrast to the strict horizontal and vertical lines is what I am working on: the critique of institutionalized linearity, institutionalize marriage, etc. I have a feeling this contrast; juxtaposing scribble lines overlaid with straight ones, will be incorporated into the thesis work.

("Three overlays in space,"carbon paper transfers onto studio wall, each symbol no bigger than 10x6", image 1.5x2')
Back to my obsession with painting directly on walls. A chunk of the studio wall might be embedded into the gallery wall in Vermont. The straight blue ink line is the same concept as in the lined paper above. I am having blueprints of College Hall which will house the thesis exhibition sent to me. I think the straight lines will be the blueprint of the building transcribed onto the wall which will then be broken up by red linear scribbles as in the previous work.

Expanding my symbol vocabulary

("Friends!", Images taken from facebook and printed onto paper in draft mode, cut into silhouettes, 11x8.5" each)
These will be transferred onto studio wall and then continue onto the gallery wall somehow within the scribbles.
Or something like that. (I will soon post my Process Paper- a journey reflecting on the past couple of years.)

Monday, May 3, 2010

More inspiration

Researching Marina A's performance - homage to St. Therese, in the kitchen

chopper (mezza luna)
egg beater
hamburger press
measuring implements
quart bottle
rolling pin