Saturday, April 19, 2014

letters from Vermont

Dearest Ladies,

I had a wonderful morning yesterday meeting a new member of the world. Fletcher and baby look beautiful! I was so honored to share their joy!

I want to share a bit of my process with you- It is intense and wonderful, (pain and pleasure.) I just found out where Ani's studio was while she was here and whom she worked with in the kitchen. I'm looking for her traces, wondering if she ever burned herself on a hot plate in the small quarters of the kitchen. The river is flowing very high as snow melted and more rain is expected to fall. The ferociousness of it reminds me of Anitra's energy. (I might video today.)

Over the past few days I was looking at Ani's "Death of Stars" and "Horizon Line." I want to reinterpret them. I found Ani's profile in fb and her expression so much captures the expression of the chimpanzee, especially the teeth (Ani is at some masquerade.) So I'm looking at that expression, that animal side of her. But I want to untangle her horizon and take it across the walls of the studio, perhaps in a line of the Johnson horizon and loop it all around so that it does not end.

Ok- all for now. I will update as this residency continues.... 
I love you all

Dear R&C, 

Happy Spring to you! The snow is just in left-over pockets in Vermont. A few days ago I was able to visit Fletcher and her three day old daughter, a lovely experience!

I am currently in a residency for a few weeks, in a space that Anitra attended a few years back. I feel her presence strongly in my every day, but here it is even stronger. I miss her terribly, but I am trying to find that subtle atmosphere even when her physical form is not here. 

I will continue this work for the next few months. (if not for a lifetime) 

The soap is now totally used, not a trace of it left.

Monday, April 7, 2014

To, From Othering...

All the little blubies are a mark (of tape, cardboard, mixed media.) The large items, grand piano, mantle, black, metal sculpture on mantle, mirror were a given with the space. Below are the dot,dot,dots of the title. (eggs)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


The only voice I hear of the woman depicted is the vibration in her legs that I feel/know so well.