Sunday, October 23, 2011

Purged Items, And More Importantly the Particles that Remain

making house a home-

a comfy couch
a wooden table
soft yet firm bed
the I Ching
friend's art
child's art
tea kettle
tea cups
appropriate colors (personal)

All of the above has been purged in it's material form, emotionally, quite a difficult process.
But, in my heart, I hold on dearly to the essential representation of each of the above through our relationship. I am most indebted to the many friends and family that have made our house a home for the past seven years in the Seattle area. It is you who make the difference! You are the home I carry within me.

Monday, October 3, 2011


(I almost forgot about this project.)

As a way to say good-bye to my five year old garden, I collected seeds (for the first time) and want to spread/send them throughout the US. Contents contain organic; sage, lavender, radishes, arugula, spinach and parsley.

Packet Instructions: for small seeds sow directly on ground after chance of frost has past. Sprinkle with thin layer of soil. For larger seeds (small pebble size) measure half a thump into the ground.

If you are currently without a garden please pass on seeds to friends who may be interested.

Three weeks

the time of one workshop
a lot can get done
here is the list and I must remind myself that there is always enough time. (My 2011 New Years resolution: "I always have enough time.")

finish last commission
and some paintings on the side (I am re-realizing how little material is needed for painting. Adding medium to the color can go from most saturated, darkest, to least saturated, lightest. It can be a totally immaterialistic process.)

write an excerpt for a portrait competition

write a summary of the Art4Kidz curriculum (I'm writing the curriculum for K-6 which connects each child's development to episodes in art history.)
finish and polish first 8 lesson plans

prep and finish classes
write and email images to parents

end of this week drive a few loads to friends and family

end of next week dismantle the studio (perhaps the thing I feel most sadness for- outside of friends, family, animals and environment of course. I have truly only let myself enjoy the studio these last few weeks while Al was in school. -I do remind myself that I have been doing art throughout however, I'm grateful I have had this last month!)

end of week 3 we are on our way to Boston
end of week 4 we are on our way to Zlin, CZ
a new beginning