Sunday, January 20, 2013

Letting go, Washing away

Clay and ink on plate, 2012

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Grandmother's Favorite Proverbs

The one who asks for too much, 
lacks as much in himself -Horatius

Go to a friend in need,
even at midnight -Czech proverb

Love me a little,
love me for a long time -English proverb

Optimism is heat -London

Beauty fades,
stupidity is forever -Nestroy

The world is a beautiful book,
but that does not matter,
to the one who does not know how to read -Goldoni

Life is a joke. I have always thought so,
now I know it -Gay

If you love a wife, 
sometimes leave her -Malayan proverb

The happiest one,
is he who wants least -Buddha

The more I get to know people,
The more I love dogs -English proverb

Believe everyone and don't trust anyone -Italian proverb

New day, new month, new year, new epoch, new life

Or so it seems. 

Thinking about timelessness,


a life lived before

a new one beginning.

Carving the portraits of my great-grandparents, I ask,

was I my great-grandfather, the artist, who told fantastic tales
to his children, or was I his wife who bore four children?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

to a father (once removed)

A lovely show, OTEC, asks participant to write a letter to one's father,
describing feelings and anything one wants to express.
The letter is confidential and may not reach it's source.
The process is poignant.

I wrote to my grandfather as I witnessed his transformation the last month of his life.