Monday, April 19, 2010

In studio, will post more photos soon

Monday morning - it's been a full week in the country!
We extended our stay another month in our upstairs apartment. It will be nice not to move in two weeks.
Time seems to go more slowly here - the days seem so much longer, with so much less interruption.
I have been working on a painting thinking about our passage of time, our relationship with nature, and,ultimately, death.

Yesterday we rode our bikes to the next town over and found a great food co-op.

Bought my ticket to summer workshop on Friday.
I would like to buy a camera soon,

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bemis rejection letter

At least they were nice about it:

Dear Artist,
On behalf of the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, I would like to thank you for applying to our Artist-in-Residence program. We received a record number of applications due to the ease of the online application and the jurors' task was a difficult one. Our jurors were Endi Poskovic, an alumni of the residency program and associate professor of art at the University of Michigan, Christopher Cook of the Salina Art Center and Matthias Harder of the Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin.

Unfortunately, your application was not among those selected for a residency at this time. Please note that a new jury panel composed of different art professionals is selected for each application cycle. Many artists have applied more than once before being selected as an Artist-in-Residence. For this reason, we earnestly encourage you to reapply.

Our next application deadline is September 30, 2010 for the July through December 2011 residency cycle. You will find the link to the online application on our website at, which includes the latest news and updates from the Bemis Center.

We are proud to announce that next year the Bemis Center will be adding more studios and increasing the amount of artists we serve each year from 24 to 36. In these uncertain economic times we feel that the need to support artists is more important than ever.

Thank you for considering the Bemis Center’s Artist-in-Residence program. We wish you every success and truly appreciate your interest in the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts.


Heather Johnson
Residency Program Manager
Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts
724 S. 12th Street
Omaha, NE 68102
Ph: 402.341.7130 x12
Fax: 402.341.9791

Creativity Matters

it has something to do with being transparent and overlapping bodies

Friday, April 9, 2010

Wiping Dust Off Dryer

Was accepted into the 2010 Pacific Northwest Art Annual:
Show runs from April 24th- May 26th
Opening on April 24th at 6PM at Adell McMillan Gallery

order in chaos

-keep house open, space clear
-kept Alenka engaged in activities all throughout the week, her spring brake
-exercise half hour each day
-meditate 20 minutes
(single parenting this week, Will in California)
-fighting insomnia (hopefully winning)
-for grad school
writing: thesis, Process Paper 1st draft(at least 3 sections this weekend, next 3 in the week, last 3 next weekend)
studio: -transpose more figures onto the tarp, cut out and trace more symbols in steel
-think deeply about the concept of play.
-emboss Intimate Box,
-show symbols to mother groups, record their sounds for them
-organized teaching courses
send out flyers publicizing the next Intro to Drawing Course
-apply for one more position by the end of the month

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Office of Blame book completed
congratulations Geoffrey and Carla

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Moved out.
Torn ligaments in both wrists
Fingers swollen
Face swollen
Ankles feel like they are broken.
Left ankle hurt more than right - can hardly walk
Tenants in - they love the place
I feel like I haven't had a creative thought in weeks.
I ache for the studio, but feel like my choices are just pulling me further from what I want.