Tuesday, March 10, 2009

7 minute max- performing Necklace for a Goddess

August, '09, Montpelier

(possible sound- Morse code of our poem- looped)

we come from opposite sides of the stage- (there is no stage but we can come from the sides- like arms wrapping a round the audience)

we in black- canvas with necklace is in the center- we are profile to the audience

perform attaching the necklace between ourselves- the same way it is hung on the canvas- start at the crown of our head and follow down to the upper thigh.

Leave slack in the strings- so it remains an arc

Breathe deeply so the strings move slightly- enough to where they feel alive. I think this is the most important part for me and the whole performance can be just this.

after a couple of minutes replace strands onto the canvas

Invitation: Would you be interested in doing this performance with me this summer at VCFA?

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