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Flourish: Alumni Works on Paper
Bakalar & Paine Galleries at Massachusetts College of Art and Design
June 6—July 9, 2011
Reception: Thursday, June 9, 6-8 PM

Exhibition Hours:
Wednesday: 12PM – 8PM
Thursday-Saturday: 12PM – 6PM

Flourish: Alumni Works on Paper
is the first juried alumni exhibition to be held in the Bakalar & Paine Galleries at MassArt. Showcasing the breadth of talent and excellence embodied by MassArt’s artists and designers, this exhibition features the work of 64 international artists working in a range of disciplines.

Flourish highlights the wide range of work by MassArt’s diverse alumni and includes painting, collage, interactive sculpture, photography, performance, fashion and graphic design.

For example Tereza Swanda’s work begins with physical engagement and dialogue between the artist and viewer resulting in layered translucent site-specific collages. Swanda will be at the opening reception (Thursday, June 9, 6-8 PM) connecting with the public while documenting each personalized interaction—for the duration of the exhibition she will leave a trace of this encounter in the gallery as a continuation of her Bodies Reform series.

Claire Beckett
’s large-scale photographs were made at military training sites in the U.S. that mimic foreign war zones and include specific architectural references, representative costumes and objects, as well as American soldiers and civilians playing roles as Iraqis and Afghans. Her work explores how Americans interact with and understand their place in the world.

Chuck Brouillette
culls imagery and characters from comics and pop culture, creating digital illustrations that envision traditional superheroes as classic Hollywood film celebrities, who step into the 3rd dimension as living, breathing, and fame-seeking beings.

Stacy Scibelli
sews wearable interactive sculptures—soft machines that facilitate basic interactions and elicit awkwardness or communal awareness between participants. Through her sculptures, she explores the space between people, both literal and metaphorical, and the power dynamics of distance between individuals.

Squares, rectangles and trapezoids become architectural forms in Gabriel Phipps’ paintings; the geometric units that reverberate throughout the work are at once solid and ephemeral, synthetic and organic, and fictitious and real.

The artists in the exhibition are: Scott Alario, Elizabeth Alexander, Lizbeth Anderson, Johnny Arguedas, Kristy Asaro, Brenton Barnes, Claire Beckett, Susan Blatt, Jen Bradley, Kelley Brannon, Chuck Brouillette, Emily Brozyna, Kyle Bryant, Bruce Campbell, Lana Z. Caplan, Caleb Charland, Christine Collins, Corey Corcoran, Leah De Prizio, Jess Dugan, Pat Falco, Alex Farrell, Jeff Fichera, Christian Flynn, Jessica Gath, Ania Gilmore, Emily Goodale, Hannah Goodwin, Lucy Grover, Karen Hendrickson-Santospago, Mary Huges, Lauren Kalman, Heidi Kayser, Joshua Keay, Isaiah King, Bara Kirkpatrick Jichova, Robert Knight, Regina Kokoszka, Kay Kopper, Adam Lampton, Surendra Lawoti, Sebastien Leclercq, Courtney Lockemer, John Magnifico, Bryan Martello, Julie Martini, Laurel McMechan, Kevin Morosini, Dana Mueller, Bruce Myren, Ashley Norman, Zoe Perry-Wood, Gabriel Phipps, Eric Saline, Dana Salvo, Stacy Scibelli, Ji-eun Shim, Candice Smith Corby, Dawn Southworth, Tereza Swanda, John Thompson, Dylan Vitone, Eileen Wagner.

MassArt was honored to have Tammy Dayton, Creative Director, Moth Design; Michelle Lamunière, John R. and Barbara Robinson Family Assistant Curator of Photography, Harvard Art Museum; and Edward Saywell, Chair of Contemporary Art and MFA Programs, Museum of Fine Arts; to serve as our selection committee.

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thinking of you

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MassArt Alumni Exhibition: Works on Paper‏

Project Description for 2011 Alumni Exhibition: works on Paper

Bodies Reform

Residing part-time in and outside of the Bakalar & Paine Galleries at the beginning of the show, I will engage in dialogue with viewers/students/faculty. As a way to begin physical engagement through the body, I will offer body work, such as back massage - in exchange for photographic documentation and the possibility to continue the series, Bodies Reform. For the duration of the show I will leave a trace of this encounter, (cut paper (color inkjet) and tape on glass,) on the gallery windows/doors.

MassArt Alumni Exhibition: Works on Paper
June 6 - July 9, 2011
Bakalar & Paine Galleries, Massachusetts College of Art and Design
Opening Reception: June 9, 2011, 6-8 PM

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Birth of a Mother

>Subject: Birth Story
Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2005 20:08:36
>Oh goodness- where do I begin this process...
>our life is now a whole other process- changed in an instant when we held
>Alenka in our arms last night!
>Labor started in the night on the 17th- a few contractions 10-15 minutes
>apart- my body just started to work its way - we labored at home through
>about to 2Pm at home and decided to get to the birth center when I really
>did not feel like being in the car for longer than 20 minutes. We were at 4
>cm. and then the midwives said things went like clock work- for me it
>certainly was not the feeling- but I focused on one contraction at a time
>and took those brakes. Will was an inch away throughout- I certainly am
>skeptical about being able to do such a job as he had by my side supporting
>me through every instance. We also had an amazing doula whose body I worked
>almost as much as my own, leaning, pulling, grabbing.
>At 8cm the midvife broke my water and this is where it really started to
>move and increase in intensity. I 've certainly never worked this hard
>physically- ever- Two and a half hours later still thinking that there is
>no I had the ability way to get squeeze her head through- Her beautiful
>head finally slipped through and was floating in the water (I was
>delivering into a tub)- The midwives wanted to check the cord in another
>position before delivering the shoulders but in the transition on all fours
>to my back she just floated out of me! Next thing i new i was holding this
>beautiful being in my arms- the most exceptional moment if my life...
>daddy felt the cord finish pulsating and then cut this connection. Alenka
>and i are doing fantastic- we are both new at this- espeecially me but we
>are making things work. love to all of you, please connect soon- Alenka
>will want to say hello to all her aunts and uncles!!!!

Rereading the passage above, I recall the overwhelming feeling of those first days. This wide opening. And although some sentences don't make 'sense,' the feeling is there.