Thursday, March 26, 2009

After speaking with Laura Mack,

Voice and Communication (between sound and silence) are of utmost importance to me.

I am thinking of our performance (the other collaboration- to possibly occur this summer).

Laura had a beautiful idea, which would entail a longer performance but that seems to be what this work is calling for anyway- so it got me thinking...

What if we sat in my artwork space at school- your standard cubicle for artwork- and quietly starting from the base, between our calves (perhaps wearing longer black pencil skirts), stitched on each strand of beads in a simple, quiet gesture, documenting the process until we reached the throat area- at which point we could attach the necklace perhaps as a necklace. I am not sure how to secure the strands where the clothing ends- (on the head).

The piece would take as long as it needed (I don't want to do it on the night of performances- 7 minute max-because I think it needs its own time and time should not be a factor.)

I don't think any dialogue should happen besides the attaching of the beads. I am writing on silence in my paper, “This silence is the condition for a possible respect for myself and for the other within our respective limits.” (Irigaray, 117) “But above all, it gives you a silent space in which to manifest yourself.”

How does this sound?

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