Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Hand - eye coordination

Tereza thank you for posting so regularly - here is an updated view of the studio. Getting my hand and eye and heart and mind to practice together again. Until soon xo

holding without grasping

While photographing some 'old' works, I realized that the process of doing so was really the work made new again...

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


after observing my children's growth, i realize the term grow-up is a complete misnomer- we do not grow- up, in the vertical sense. It is more growing out somewhere from the area around the belly button- we grow from a seed at that area, out in all directions, filling our form, with the help of kicking our legs and arms outward. 
i'm not sure how significant this is as yet but it does change directionality or the idea of linear directionality. Our thinking therefore also follows this in-the-round  movement, kind of like rings in a tree. again the significance of this escapes me due to lack of sleep, but it may inspire some thoughts in you.

Friday, November 22, 2013

break through

All the while it has been right in front of me and I've wanted to work like this for a very long time. How simple and yet to me so profound. I can't thank you enough. It incorporates the movement that I need to rock Jonas, while I work. Plus, how fun! I remember Claire asking what would I paint if I could paint anything- my immediate response was Trees. The drawing is made so naturally and inspired by the lines I see on my daily walks picking up Alenka. Of course I am at the beginning of this kind of exploration. But I'm so excited!

Portrait is roughly 2 feet by 3 and a half feet

It's changes throughout the day and is interesting in dusk and early morning.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

reviewing sketchbooks (from current perspective)

after our discussion on parallel time and the qualities that remain

Friday, November 15, 2013

one more

wind and paper, stuck and floating

cropping and labeling

the following will be sent to 5th Annual Drawing Discourse- (I find discourse interesting in that it is talks of something verbal, where as drawing of course is out of that system.)

touch happens between two

How subtle can it be and still speak?

reality in the projection

come with...

I am the blend

I need to find the right size and the right quality of print to print these.
Any thoughts about that?

Thursday, November 14, 2013

with Jamie Emerick

The links to the every day are so strong. I see some work or read a text and there it appears all around me...

with Jamie Emerick's Drawing attention to the peripheral

and reading The Painted Kiss this morning,
"It is only when she is standing across the room, when she is talking to someone else,
pretending not to look at him but tracking his movements with her peripheral vision; it is only from this distance that he knows her fully." (speaking of Gustav Klimt and his lover.)

I love witnessing life's connections.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Truly Sorry Details

In thinking about thirdness- especially in trauma. For the victim to ask WHY? And for the perpetrator to really, truly empathize.

They Could Have Been My Grandparents
Paper molds taken from the casts of my grandparent soaps
Watercolor, ink and marker on paper and wall

Pattern using Impressions of a Pressure Cooker, Nails and Ball Bearings (in process)
Graphite, ink and watercolor on wall

Portraits, Sitting With
Floating on individual papers (roughly 8"x8") stuck to wall

Truly Sorry

Each of us has some ingrained and learned patterns/habbits.
Some we even pass on to our children and grandchildren.
What are natural patterns? What are man-made patterns?

In processing the Boston Marathon Bombing
-nails, debris, around a pressure cooker (pressed into wall)
-on wall, supported by a certain structure, that of the wall, the building (a representation of one’s thinking)