Saturday, August 30, 2008


Oh the blank, clean space! Clear surface for work!

I'm rearranging our house- but very,very slowly it seems (when I start one shelf, the work moves to the adjacent closet and so on.)

But I have started painting the walls in our garage for two painting studios (I want to keep oils and the toxins outside for more ventilation.) In addition I am hoping to recruit some women to share it with me and explore painting together! (Work in progress)

A lot of the texture from the beaten wall is left visible- I'm thinking of working directly on it's surface as already things were coming up...

Discovered a tic,tac,toe game by previous hand!

Salt of the Earth/ Salt on the Wound

Piece in progress.
I'm intervening on the book The Scarlet Letter and casting resin on salt on the torn out pages.
Salt as corrosive and preservative material
Scarlet Letter as corrosive and preservative in much the same way.

New studio

I should note the new studio is in my new home.
It's been a while since I've had the discipline and state of mind to work at home but after the completion of the building project I feel I'm ready to begin again.
It's hard to sort out the millions of self effacing thoughts while beginning my studio practice again.
Just to begin is the point.

Today I think I'll embroider and/or cast some more Scarlet Letter pages in resin and salt.
It's Labor Day weekend and I'm supposed to be upstate, but illness and general body tiredness has kept me in the city.
Sigh, one more weekend playing house.

I just called the Compleat Sculptor to inquire about mold making classes in September - would like to bring another stunted idea into 3-dimensions at some point soon.
Have to call the glass blower as well...

New studio move in

Finally getting around to posting on this site. Tereza I've been inspired by what you have posted recently.
Today is the first day of actual physical space in the studio.
Everything is in the basement except the things I'm working on each day.
I'm not going to be cluttered as I used to space for new ideas to come in with clutter all over the place!

The Meaning Cleaning has been progressive and not documented per se.
But I'm trying...

Turu and I bought 2 sheets of ply-boo (recycled bamboo plywood from a local source) to create our desks and shelves.
A rare shot of nothing on either:

My trusty hoover. I love vacuuming...

Beginning to place things in and around my desk. Inspiration, works in progress, etc.

David Byrne's building organ

I was lucky to witness the last day of David Byrne's organ he constructed out of the Maritime Building at South Street.

It was incredible to see something so creative come out of a building. It gave me hope to see beyond my own parameters.

David Byrn

Friday, August 29, 2008

What combination are we?

I'm thinking of planting a garden of the each relationship that I am part of- what are we? Circle in red.

Friday, August 22, 2008

meaning- art, life (no separation)

(The questions come from a Studio Project Study Plan I passed in for my first semester at Vermont College)

1. Describe your project and goals for this project, and how you have addressed issues
raised by your Guidance Committee in reviews and critiques.

I am collaborating with artists, teachers, students, dancers, mothers, home builders, my child, and husband as well as strangers on various pieces in varied media in order to blur our personal boundaries. A thought was raised in one review, if for me, an artist is a painter, and to a degree painting is the ‘highest’ form of expression. I will try to deconstruct this thought and the elitism that goes with it. The other more pertinent question raised was “what am I trying to say?” and after all the discussions my interest lies in breaking the line, the edge, so that there is a space for us to meet.

2. How would you like your work to change or "improve" during the course of this project: medium(s), technique, subject matter/imagery, content, style/form, scale and productivity.

I would like my art process to expand, from thinking of ‘art’ as a painting I do in my studio to a living daily process that incorporates various media such as pen and ink on paper, clay, photo, video, found materials, as well as paint, based on the different interaction with each individual. I will not only construct or find clean spaces that allow plenty of natural light and air in which to conduct the exchanges but also will try to generate mental space for each happening, with a meditation practice.

3. What are your long‑range goals, and how does this project relate to these goals?

A long-range goal is to incorporate art into everyday practice, not an isolated miracle. Through this project, or many little collaborative exchanges, I hope to branch out from working in the one-bedroom space I had designed for my ‘art’ practice, to working in the entire space I occupy at many moments.

4. Why and how is this particular work important to you personally, artistically and in terms of its relationship to society?

Personally, I would like to restructure, or rewire, the way I think of art, for this thought pattern has come against its limits. The same goes for my practice artistically. I have been dedicated to oil painting for some time and due to its time commitment and toxicity, I would like to learn different media to intertwine my life and art practice. In relation to society, with these collaborations I do get out of working by myself in an isolated space, to working with others in various but specific contexts which alone challenge the definition of art for myself and those directly and indirectly involved.

5. What kind, and how much work do you think you will complete by the end of the term? (Be specific and concrete as to media, subject matter, scale, quantity, etc.)

I am not sure as to the quantity as well as the medium of the collaborations. I do have a daily, a weekly and a monthly practice in place. I hope to resolve 3-5 collaborations by the end of the semester.

6. What criteria will you use to evaluate your study?

Completing 3-5 collaborations and feedback from my coworkers.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Moon in Scorpio

This says so much...
Finally some answers!

The Scorpio Moon is a mysterious Moon.

This Moon is strongly motivated by feelings while remaining most adept at hiding true emotions. It is a Moon of great willpower and good judgment, but one which never forgets a good or bad deed. The Scorpio Moon is one of the more difficult Moons, often having to face and conquer more obstacles than the other Moons. It is prone to aggressive and dominating behavior in addition to being wilful and stubborn. The Scorpio Moon possesses strong beliefs which will likely be expressed in a passionate manner.

This Moon is one of secrecy and personal independence coupled with heightened intuitive and psychic abilities. However, the Scorpio Moon can be jealous and distrustful, believing that the sharing of feelings leads to vulnerability.

In general, the personality of those whose Moon sign is in Scorpio may be one which harbors a feeling of misunderstanding by others.

Fighters by nature, those ruled by the Scorpio Moon are usually hot-tempered and stand alone in their battles. They fight with assurance and confidence. However, there is a tendency for such people to bring out in themselves the very things they are fighting against.
Persons governed by the Moon in Scorpio will be full of energy with a tendency to express themselves in a rather blunt manner. While such individuals might declare they are "okay with change," it is a somewhat different story inside and they are actually quite conservative, resisting change...particuarly any change which is forced upon them. When such people do change their minds on an idea, they fully stand behind it and help to implement the change. In reality, Scorpio is probably one of the most misunderstood of the Zodiac signs and individuals who fall under the jurisdiction of its Moon are inclined to act out of irritation or anger.

In short, these people like to get revenge. Others may perceive those ruled by the Scorpio Moon as lacking in a strong moral code, or that they drink too much, but the truth is, such individuals are truly possessed of a strong willpower and much determination.

However, there is also a massive love of pleasure and those governed by this particular Moon will be quite familiar with the subject of pleasure. There is a strong attraction to the opposite sex...and vice versa. Those governed by the Scorpio Moon share many of the characteristics of those ruled by the Moon of Capricorn. Both subjects have boundless energy, a lack of control in certain life areas and oftentimes, trouble with the opposite sex. This could cause a great deal of strife throughout life and more than one marriage is highly likely.

The Moon in Scorpio is also closely related to death and the occupation of an individual ruled in this manner might well be so related...policeman, fireman or soldier, for example. Passion and intensity will be paramount in any relationship which involves those who fall under the jursiction of the Scorpio Moon.

There is also an ability to inspire others here, for such subjects will never shirk in the face of unpleasant situations and are perfectly capable of speaking up for the underdog. Individuals of the Scorpio Moon know no fear and will refuse to be put off by the views of society when it comes to choosing friends or partners. However, there is a distinct tendency to keep many emotions "under wraps" and others may be unaware of this individual's true feelings until he or she "lets rip" at the last straw. Time alone is very important for those ruled by the Moon in is necessary in order to process feelings and come to terms with some of the injustices of the world.

These are people with a strong moral conscience who, when hit by tragedy, will survive to return again...scarred, but ready to face life. The strong intuitive powers and psychic abilities of Scorpio Moon individuals enable them to see below the surface.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Weekend Scrub

It is thanks to my mother in-law
that this scrub was possible.
She allowed me the space from my child to be able to clean the entire house,
and do a polish of the toilet and sink.
I'm finding it impossible to do work without other's input.

I found I worked much faster than normally being conscious of the video length.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Reversing Rembrandt- his actual image?

Taking a portrait of myself while looking in the mirror I noticed the huge disparity between the two images. What I look like to others and what I see in the morning are actually two completely different views. I thought of the time before photographs, did people really see their accurate image using the double mirror technique?

I immediately looked at the reverse of Rembrandt's self portraits.

Friday, August 15, 2008

in our art world

A friend wrote " looking forward to hearing abut what is happening in your art world". I love that. Everyone should have their art world.

In ours:

Let's do it, I am not able to clean in the AM as I am cooking a massive brunch for Ali's 3rd Birthday Party- I will be cleaning sometime this weekend and will definitelly document (especially the Bathroom Scrub). Looking forward to the process.

8/16 AM
Birthday at the farm was a success- We ate the picnic/brunch under a shaded tree and are off for a swim at the lake since it is over 90 degrees. The cleaning process for me will start late afternoon or early tomorrow- thought of you this morning in the early waking hours.
Looking forward to the imagery!

Meaning Cleaning

I think cleaning privately and discussing publicly sounds right.
I'm planning on cleaning my house tomorrow AM; do you want to synchronize time, document, reflect, and share here tomorrow PM?
Thinking about intention and the how not so much the that

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mean Clean

looked up mean in Thesaurus- love all its implications:

denote (v.) denote, signify, indicate, stand for, represent, connote, imply, suggest, insinuate
nasty (adj.) nasty, unkind, shameful, unpleasant
intend (v.) intend, propose, aim, want, wish, have in mind, be thinking about

I want to Mean Clean with you and connect remotely to your process with Hayley. As I was cleaning the house today, as I do every week, I noticed my joy in this process. It is not my initial gut response but it does full fill a great need as I am doing it.

Not yet sure how to make this public- as I am alone here and not many get to enjoy it before and after- so I am asking for input as to how you think I could take this to the public. I'm thinking of sound- although I am not sure if this would be too subtle.

In any case let me know if you would like to set up time where we both clean our spaces together privately and then perhaps discuss it here publicly.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Collaborations, Dialogue, Self Portraits, Swolen Thyroid

How- it is all in this- How to be?

I'm thinking of dialogue as my art. I've started a portrait project where I ask others to take my photo and hope to present them as my self-portraits. I want to see myself without the history I know when I look at every pore. The woman at the supermarket who is helpful being in the service industry, was my first interaction. She was excited by the project and told me of her son's girlfriend who does performance, something to do with a woman's moon cycle. Today my doctor took my image right after she told me I have a swollen thyroid.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

How not that

Still finding "how" to say things, not worried anymore that I am saying them.
It's frustratingly difficult to communicate sometimes when emotions are involved.
I try to consider the How, but often lose my breath or become frustrated because what I'm saying is not what I want to say in the way I want to say it.
Sometimes I want the people I'm speaking to to magically read my thoughts so I don't have to say anything at all!
Growing pains with friends...

more weather

It's raining today in New York.
Construction next door began again this morning at 7AM.
Without window treatments, I get up at 6:30 anyway.
But progress!
Turu's birthday was yesterday and we had some prosecco.
Today we're going to a quarry to pick out marble slabs.
I resolved an issue with my Scarlet Letter piece; this afternoon production begins!
The Wack! show is definitely worth getting Ali's passport in order for.
The day continues, in our own version of mist and rain

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Settling in

We flew in this afternoon.

There was a sense of peace as we flew over the land and tributaries of Seattle landscape.
I also noticed the mist that much of this land is in most of the time; the reason for the continuous greenery.

I do feel VERY good coming home. We immediately grabbed some carrots and tomatoes out of the garden! After a nice bath, I am ready to dig in to this new semester- here goes the list:

start the process for filling out Ali's passport (we are going to see WACK! when it comes to Vancouver this fall.
fill out Ali's paperwork for school starting end of the month
order books from library- The Power of Feminist Art
organize my immediate surroundings to include this revised practice
get groceries
swim in the lake or pool on the nice days

thinking of having others take a portrait of me every day
not at all sure what my studio work will look like
also thinking of making some type of flag- composed of female dresses

will post images as soon as I get them from Vermont

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Thought forms

Thinking about:
The upcoming MeaningCleaning performance in NYC in October
Of our last conversation about work, environment (both internal and external)
Colonial structures as art institutions (What does that support?)
Sending thoughts to loved ones and the infirm
How my building project has taught me the value of following through with an idea, intention, and creativity
Planting a garden
Making work
Working hard and maintaining enthusiasm of art in my whole entire life
Posting work on this blog!

Friday, August 1, 2008


There is so much to say, be at this moment.

What is it that I really need to voice?

I feel like I should not judge, like it is bad
I sensor my writing, and at times my thinking
I sensor my feelings- although they are present with me anyway
It's hard to listen from this baggage.
I box myself in more than a building does.
Air is everywhere. (not sure about good quality air but air none the less.)

Will fly my dress at half mass off of the flagpole
will dialogue in whatever form with others (with you through this medium.)
Getting excited about being lost.
want to fly.
want to readjust, brake, blur my boundaries.
first I have to see clearly what they are