Thursday, July 30, 2009


In space travelling in time

in a home but not my home

I am at home

and so very fortunate

to have been able to visit

Dear friends,

extraordinary people,

who among other qualities are stunning.

What a gift!

Black cat sketches

Salt of the Earth/ Salt on the Wound

Some progress shots of this installation...hoping to have many more in the coming days to fill the wall

Intervention on The Scarlet Letter
Salt, book

detail of current incarnation

Monday, July 27, 2009

July 26, 2009 pt. 3: the red rug

Last night marked another wonderful moment in Tereza's visit to New York.
Since we have begun this blog together, we have not seen each other.
It was a lovely two days together. The red rug in the living room provided a wonderful backdrop for many of these pictures.
Talks about upcoming weddings
Possible new births
Growing up, growing old
Boys' table and girls' table
Engagement rings

Sunday, July 26, 2009

July 26, 2009 pt. 2

July 26, 2009 pt. 1

Saturday, July 25, 2009

July 25, 2009

Black hands and Scarlet Letter combining
Sublet for August
Buy another journal
Don't lose yourself
Tereza is in town
My legs are really pale
Everyone is out of town for the weekend
I'm walking over the bridge to work

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July 21, 2009

3:33 AM
The studio is messy and smells like turps and oils.
I didn't have to come back today
I feel like I let down my friend
I can't sleep
I can't sleep
I can't sleep

Friday, July 17, 2009

July 17, 2009

It's cool in the studio the air conditioning is on.
Thankfully, it's also quiet - all the noise makers are away for the weekend.
The storefront glass creates a "fishbowl" effect.
The phone booth outside gets used a lot.
The woman just slammed down the phone, and then picked up the receiver to make another call.
She's wearing purple pants and a metal studded belt.
Hair is slicked back, white shirt too tight
Black bra gold chain cheap purse red nails chewing gum gold rings
No one is answering on the other line
She's shaking her head
Summer camp kids walk across the street all wearing the same color shirt
Holding hands with the counselors and each other
Noisy conversation approaches and then dissipates.
A lot of passersby look into the windows, but they don't open the door to come in.
The lights in the gallery are not on, but there is enough light to work
I brought my change of clothes.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

No AIOP this year

Dear Angela and Hayley,

It appears we inadvertently left you out of the earlier notification
below. We're really sorry for that and that it didn't work out this
time. We hope you'll consider applying in the future.

Best regards,

Erin and Radhika

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: AiOP 2009: SIGN
Date: Fri, Jun 26, 2009 at 6:35 PM
Subject: Art in Odd Places 2009
To: Art in Odd Places '09

Dear AiOP applicant,

Thank you for your application to Art In Odd Places 2009: Sign. The
number of submissions and the quality of the proposed projects this
year were impressive. Unfortunately, we were not able to include your
project. Only a very limited amount of proposals were chosen and we
regret not being able to support all of the wonderful work that was

In choosing projects we had to balance logistical, artistic and
feasibility considerations. We were truly overwhelmed with the
response to our call for artists. Please know that we gave each
project full attention and thorough consideration during the decision
making process. Thank you so much for sharing your work with us and
for putting thought to 14th Street.

Few artists leave the comfort of the white box for the risks of public
engagement and we applaud you for that. Do consider applying to AiOP
again next year.

Good luck!


Erin Donnelly and Radhika Subramaniam
2009 Guest Curators

Art in Odd Places 2009: SIGN
391 Bond Street #3
Brooklyn, NY 11231

Erin Donnelly
Radhika Subramaniam
2009 Guest Curators, Art in Odd Places

Ed Woodham
Director, Art in Odd Places

Monday, July 13, 2009

Thoughts to Kiefer today

The artist’s book created by Anselm Kiefer is a homage to the poet Paul Celan; the gloomy and alienated pages quote lines from Celan’s poem Schwarze Flocken (“Black Flakes”). Celan committed suicide in April 1970 after personal experience of the horrors of World War II where he lost his parents to Nazi persecution, robbing him of his joy of freedom but not of his freedom of expression. Celan’s poems and his character never release their hold on German artist Anselm Kiefer; over many years Kiefer has conducted a dialogue with poetry overall, and Celan’s work in particular.

The catalogue of the 2007 “Monumenta” exhibition where Kiefer’s work was on display wrote:
“Dedication of a work of art is a gesture of commemoration. By dedicating a work, the artist signals to its role as part of an effort to remember. Kiefer reminds the public of the works of Paul Celan and Ingeborg Bachmann In doing so, he expands and deepens his research into memory - a memory scarred by the Holocaust. From the viewpoint of Celan and Bachmann the tragedy of Auschwitz frustrates the very concept of memory: how can we remember after Auschwitz? How can we recall utter terror? For Kiefer as for Celan and Bachmann, the central issue for all art is the necessity of rediscovering the coordinates of a collective memory that has lost direction and is befogged by experience of something that cannot be expressed in words. By recalling the works of these two poets to contemporary observers, a work replete with a sharp and painful confrontation with the past, Kiefer beckons to us to take part in a collective act of memory. Kiefer’s dedication does not rest content with recalling Celan and Bachmann; it launches a genuine dialogue between them and the observer, a dialogue transcending words and quotes, a dialogue of images, form and material.”

The process experienced by the observer as he regards Kiefer’s threatening landscapes grows more forceful as he leafs through. It is a process that Kiefer dictates, comprising extinction and finality. When Kiefer sears the landscapes,
he is expressing the brutality of humanity’s onslaught upon them and the innocence they express. In his creative process, he erases and eliminates the skyline, shutting out daylight and thus blacking out the hope we yearn to derive from the landscape and its light

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Black cat mythology

Thinking about mythology
Women's relationship with societal power
mystery, shame, responsibility, intuition
Black cat as metaphor

Some discoveries today:
If a black cat crosses your path, you will have GOOD luck. 
If a black cat crosses your path, you will have bad luck. 
King Charles I of England owned a black cat.
Black cats are witches in disguise.
Black cats are witches familiars
Fisherman's wives kept black cats while their husbands went away to sea. 
As a sailor walked up a pier, any cat running ahead of him could bring him luck. 
If any cat crossed his path, it would mean bad luck.
Sailors kept cats on board ships to bring them luck.
If the ship cat approached a sailor, it meant good luck.  If the cat approached halfway and went away, bad luck would surely follow.
If a cat was thrown overboard, a storm would rise and very bad luck would follow.
Various cat parts were also though to be good medicine for a wide range of illnesses.
Some believed that black cats carried demons.
Some believe that  black cats have special powers and abilities.
A bride will have a happy married life if a black cat sneezes near her on her wedding day.
All cats were thought to be sacred in ancient Egypt.
Druids thought black cats were human beings.  These humans in cat form were being punished for evil deeds.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


reworked by me (2009)

by Jason David (2008)


and new lease on life
(more later)

July 8, 2009

in progress
Oil on canvas
60" x 72"

Monday, July 6, 2009

July 6, 2009

Tax abatement plan and implement
Pay income taxes slowly slowly slowly
Fix doorbell and telecom
Follow up for other repairs
In my mind's eye I'm not here at all
When can we get in?
Departure eminent
The sun still makes my right shoulder too hot.
Not enough money
Not enough time.
Everything seems to be broken all the time
The studio is technically closed today - gates all around the outside. I feel I'm working inside a cage. No one seems to mind.
The interview is on Thursday.
I'm still really hungry.
I wonder what it's like not to worry about money

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Between movement, a little stillness

Anitra Haendel's new paintings


I am pleased to announce I am one of six participating artists in this summer's ARTCamp at the New York Studio Gallery.
The gallery is transformed into studio spaces for six international artists for two months, starting tomorrow.
Gallery hours are maintained, and interaction with the public is encouraged.

If you happen to be in the area, please stop by.
Closing reception August 28, 2009, 6-9pm.

All my best,
Angela Rose