Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Around a Central Principle"- work for Chain Letter, Shoshana Wayne Gallery

(in process)

cut paper (8.5"x11") on overhead projector

on lit projector (above)

two versions of projection (below)- roughly 5'x3'

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Zlin bound

- the city of my birth
- the city I have not previously resided in
- of a different structure, cultural constructs, geography, language, mentality

- thoughts on a project for a year in CZ:
- daily observation/meditation within this new/first space, (Why was I born here? What are my ties to it? topography of birth 2/2/78, rebirth 10/11, Leonardo da Vinci/Tereza ze Zlina?
- recording the daily process
- breaking down language and English/US constructs

- project 2:
- daily communication with people outside and inside the country
- painting/drawing course
- commissions: asking commissioners in each country what gives them visual pleasure? comparing the results.
- drawing/painting this series.
- continuing to run after-school Art4Kidz curriculum, long-distance.

- preparation:
- shedding of material things. The plan is to arrive with 6 suitcases of clothes, art supplies, electronics/tools, and gluten free food.
- organize visas and paperwork
- set a date and order plane tickets
- send resumes to all CZ universities
- send note to Mrs. Rosenclaire
- arrange the house for the upcoming tenant