Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Yes to everything

Yes to our conversation earlier today - yes to starting to form our exhibition. Yes to the red books. Yes to casting them in wax, yes to casting them in bronze, yes to casting them in soap, yes to intervention, yes to editions, yes to our catalogue, yes to that third thing that's created between us, because of us, that's not there when we're not there. Yes to hearing your voice - were you about to cry earlier? I was. It's been a rough few weeks. Yes to your the upcoming residency application - apply, apply, apply. You're always welcome to come here for  a long weekend or week or however long you'd like. We have enough room for the family, and my studio would love your company. I would too. Winters are pretty tough. A lot of times I feel really alone. It's cold. Yes to the next seven years on this blog. Yes to accepting the tough-ness of being a parent and artist and partner and and and. Mostly I mean yes to resigning oneself to it, giving over to this inevitable state (that we chose!). Yes to energy - I need more of it. I have incredibly low blood pressure maybe that's why I'm tired and cold all the time. Yes to your energy - thanks for helping me work through difficult times even though by all comparison my life is amazing. Yes to our coloring book show via Catherine. Yes to $peak Out and your work with Anitra. Yes to Anitra, wherever she may be. Yes to Eva Hesse and Sol Lewitt's love letters to each other, and their influence on one another's work. Yes to painting because we know how to paint. Yes to our work together and getting it together and getting together and working together and yes. Yes!

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