Saturday, January 10, 2015


Shifting Ground, Golden Time

My intent for Roswell is to continue a series of ongoing collective projects. My work centers on a meeting of the so-called ‘other;’ between feminine and masculine, high ‘art’ and domestic life. I identify with the labels of mother, daughter, wife, female, artist etc. but also realize the absurdity of those labels and their limitations. This work is about un-labeling. For example, in Mutual Cleanse, portraits carved out of soap are washed away with daily use.  In Classical Play, the ocean, rain, or other natural phenomena take a classical bust and disrupt the surface. I document the work as it breaks down, examining what traces are left over. I am interested in following the unintentional, the mistake, the gap, the interruption. I explore the space between intentions. I want to catch myself, to stop, recognize the sound, smell, texture, color, and give myself time to study that unintentional place and form connections as an artwork.

At Roswell, I plan to continue my discipline of painting, washingdocumenting, recording, drawing and sculpting, looking at the birth, cycle and death of artwork. All the while, I plan to discuss, show, and examine this work with my family and integrate their perspectives into my process. This includes my partner, with whom I collaborate in the technical aspects of my work, and the absorbent, developing minds of my toddler, age one, and my daughter, age nine. Golden time is a term my family and I appropriated while living in Prague two years ago. It is a time dedicated to our individual projects, while we are in each other’s company - a shared parallel studio. We have this special pocket of time on a weekly basis, a couple of hours here and there on weekends. With the support of Gift of Time, my intention is to continue my exploration into "no separation between art and life".

(Thank you Angela Rose Voulgarelis, Dorota Mytych and Jessica Segall for the edits!)

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