Tuesday, January 27, 2015

insomnia also

Last night I was up from 2AM - 8AM. Awake, but not really present.
Today was somewhat of a bust because of it, with some moments of clarity.
I'm beginning to see what needs to be done in studio. I swept the floor in there today, and took out the ashes.
Sorry to hear you were awake as well.

Here's what I'm thinking about, in relation to your list
Exchange: Red Library
Proposal - for our No Is Yes New Mexico show, and also for Prague. A little bird told me that location is really important for the Apex Art grant, which is great coincidence for us and the gallery in Prague. It seems strongest to focus on the Feminist aspects of the proposal in relation to the location - the history of Feminism in the Czech Republic, the silencing of women's voices, etc. They only want a written proposal at this point - no images. So let's craft a winner!

Videos: -A Not So Sure Aristotle and the Ocean
 -"Good" Bar from Wholefoods, Soap cheese grating and melting, in relation to cooking, soap as cookie dough, soap as Parmesan and the wooden spoon
(research artists making soap locally, buy their soap)
- Washing Hands- Paint and wash hands daily with the Nickle, Thomas Jefferson bar until it is used up.
- Washing Hands, Grandmother washes with portraits of family, as they fade in and out of memory with Alzheimer's.

I'm just beginning to see what needs to be done - with the painting I zip-stripped, and the other one I erased. There are charcoal drawings in my tomorrow, perspective shifting slightly. Oddly (and perhaps embarrassingly), I am inspired by those FB "post 3 artworks in 5 days" posts by other workshoppers. 

Produce box of soaps: Capital Cleanse, Antioch University, and throughout the town of Swampscott
- Press Release in the Swampscott Reporter
-research how to 'kindly' leave soaps in museums/spaces that do not "accept unsolicited artist submissions."
-research soap and things made with the purpose of disintegration

Projects related to the above that have been on my mind for a while:
- Awakening- Clay busts from a mold of my face- eyes closed to opening (looking at Anitra coming out of the sand in SA after her burial.)
-Install this project at the banks of Walden along with drawings ink and pencil
-Install Classical busts, hollow shells, pit fired, on the beach to roll in the tide. (Rolling Classics?)

I don't have anything so formally focused, but rather am trying to understand the connections between all the threads of my work. It's happening slowly, but it is happening. xo

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