Saturday, January 3, 2015

looking forward, looking back

"new" year. What do I want to hold on to?
"last" year. What do I want to let go of?

Let go of indecisiveness and self - doubt.
Keep precision and intuitive connection to things.
Trust myself more.

Let go of self- criticism. It does nothing constructive.
Keep sense of perspective of whole-ness: whole community, whole world, etc.
Remember to go grocery shopping.

Let go of bickering with partner.
Keep gratitude he's still even with me.

Let go of comparison to others.
Keep sense of self - worth.

Let go of procrastination - 
Keep studio practice going (in spite of having nothing lined up for 2015). 

Possible resolution list/ "to do" list
apply for grants more regularly
Document work every season
Refer to skype crit notes and stay focused and deepen themes discussed.
Draw more - every day even.

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