Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Thank you Matisse!

After seeing the Matisse Cut-Outs exhibit at MoMA the other day, I realize there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of in any way. The moment I entered the show, I felt pure joy, pure fearlessness emanating from the work itself. What a lot we owe to Matisse. Even when he was old and dying, in a wheelchair, unable to see, he was creating, learning, and leaving us all an intangible legacy. Cutting into pure color. Wow, what a concept! The visual language of some of the pieces can't be articulated in reproduction; I'm not going to attempt to describe them here either. But at one time I thought, it's a shame that the Blue Nude has been copied in so many ways, because it's stunning to see in person. As are the three other Blue Nudes Matisse did as variations! So much work, and so much vibration. I hope to see it again at least once before it closes in February.

Thank you Matisse!

The comments by museum goers is also always a favorite to listen to as well:

"Here's a Lagoon, there's a Lagoon, how many Lagoons can one person look at in a day?"
(well dressed, older Jewish woman to her friend)

"Oh, I like his paper cut-outs so much better than the glass pieces. Pity they had to be made into a Church."
(well dressed, older English woman to her husband)

"Che palle! (what balls!)"
(Italian man to his wife)

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