Friday, September 26, 2014

"the subtleties do vary from each perspective", questioning classical analyses

 Here is some more fun analyses. I found many images of the classical bearded guy. (But because he is a sculpture, the nuance is in the perspective from which he is photographed.) Here is your challenge/game for the day.

When looking at the photos do you see any subtleties that vary from each perspective and/or do you have a general read of the guy's microexpressions?

My first impression of your sculpture is: a cross between concentration and worry, maybe slight sadness, but I really need to look closer at it.

When looking at the photos the subtleties do vary from each perspective, This makes it hard to read.  In people, (from what I've seen so far), the expressions are consistent from no matter what the angle, so this form of fine art (and perhaps the lighting/shadows) makes it difficult to read.

I do see underlying emotions of anger and sadness.

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