Wednesday, September 24, 2014

looking together

Hey, can you tell me what you read in G.W's face. - the microexpressions?
especially in the middle image (just the face) I'm sculpting it and want to know more the psychology of who he was.

Looking at the second photo down (just the face)...

First thoughts: It seems to me he has a very 'judgmental/superior' look to his face:

Looking closely: There are signs of a residual smile and/or a slight smile but, he's trying not to show it.
The eye on our right (his left eye), is closed slightly, which people usually do when they're scrutinizing something.
Looking down to our right (his left) corner of his mouth, it seems [to me] that this corner of the mouth is slight pulling inward and slightly upward more than the other side (only very slightly).  These two factors (eye and mouth) show me micros of contempt - the feeling of superiority, usually directed toward a "lower-status" individual.

Interestingly, this photo looks like a mirror image of the one above it and the one below it (just based on the corner of the lips).

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