Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I miss you, all the time, ahoy!

[11/5/2011 5:14:23 PM] Tereza Swanda: ani my love, where are you?
[11/5/2011 5:14:28 PM] Tereza Swanda: I miss you lots
[11/5/2011 5:14:33 PM] Tereza Swanda: hope we can skype soon
[11/18/2011 2:28:56 AM] Tereza Swanda: Hey dear- I miss you lots please send me a note when you can
[11/27/2011 8:56:46 PM] Anitra Haendel: darling hello!! i never check my skype messages! how ARE YOU??? i miss you!! so you have internet and we can sykpe now? hooray!!
[11/27/2011 8:56:59 PM] Anitra Haendel: ahoy!!
[10/28/2012 4:30:21 PM] *** Call from Anitra Haendel, duration 4:41:43. ***
[10/28/2012 9:21:56 PM] Tereza Swanda: Sorry Karl and Annie, It is 3 in the morning and I'm passing out. The alarm goes off in a few hours. I will call back then. Can someone stay with Annie tonight?
[10/28/2012 9:22:08 PM] Tereza Swanda: Sending you my love
[10/29/2012 1:43:44 AM] Tereza Swanda: i'm up here
[10:59:45 AM] Tereza Swanda: I am here when you are.
[10:59:53 AM] Tereza Swanda: Dearest,
[10:59:58 AM] Tereza Swanda: I need to find you again.
[11:00:01 AM] Tereza Swanda: I'm trying
[11:00:22 AM] Tereza Swanda: but for now I find substitutes, even in Will!
[11:00:50 AM] Tereza Swanda: Life takes so many turns- I read on Zen, on Cage, Rilke and think of you
[11:01:53 AM] Tereza Swanda: You were my East, my North, my South and West, my working week, my Sunday rest
[11:02:42 AM] Tereza Swanda: I can review our messaging- it says from the beginning. Here goes

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