Monday, September 29, 2014

morning with Ani

Letter, back of Cover

Letter, Cover

Sand, Fall

Reminds me of an X-ray, and your Mother

Feb.20 2009
                Is this the Funniest sandpaper or what?

It was the kind where the sand did not adhere to the paper. Sand was floating between the plastic container and the bottom of the letter. Do a drawing of Anitra’s face, in sand, on paper. Blow away.
It also reminds me of burying her up to her neck in sand at Kalk Bay

I got it at the 99 cent store. When I sanded the gesso, all the sand
fell to the floor and the paper was left w/o sand on it. Try sanding-
it gives “sanding” a whole new definition! For me, it did at least!

Record sanding sound. We discussed how sanding is really what I do. It reminds me of sanding the postcards project we talked about in 2008, first semester at VCFA. Work with her image of particles on surface, falling off.

I see know [now] how you can make your own “sand paper”-
a little glue, sand, + paper.

a little glue, sand, + paper.

I also find these squares aesthetically pleasing…
And the other object in this package is from Jess. From when she went to Peru.
I have taken this long to send it! She stayed at my house maybe 1 year and
Half- 2 years ago after she got back from Peru.

Jonas played with this doll not long ago. Placing her in a doll’s bunk to sleep.

She bought the doll back for Alenka, but then left it [at] my house by accident. And I said I’d send it to you.

Bring the doll with the kids to NY this fall. Picnic on your grave.

I am sorry it’s soooo late! My handwriting is messy with this pen ->
I'm sorry I'm sooo late!
Hope you can read it! I love you Ani
Heart instead of a dot on the i

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