Monday, October 20, 2014

Ten Bulls- One who is not attached to "form" need not be "reformed."

Rereading the Ten Bulls the Comment from 9. Reaching the Source stuck me and made me review my work in this new light. One who is not attached to "form" need not be "reformed."
Possibilities for our show:

Ten heads in a dish, (Impermanent Foundation Series)
Unfired clay suspended in water
Size can range from miniature roughly 4x4 inches
or can be life-size on dinner plates roughly 11" in diameter

Twelve Dollars (Capital Cleanse)
Cast soap, 2" in diameter, Box of 48 George Washington's
I would provide soap for the gallery bathroom for the duration of the show. $12 represent money exchanged for a girl sold in Nigeria, April 2014.

Gauze, 3x roughly 4x3", unrolled gauze is 4'x3"
These may be nice in dialogue other works in the show.

Just Looking While Breathing, (Anitra Haendel Series)
3 part drawing, ink and graphite on pencil, 26"x40"
Am not sure the gallery has space for these, but was thinking about including Anitra in this group show as the location is so close to where we lived from 2000-2005.

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