Friday, October 10, 2014

re: Girls series cannot remain Untitled, Love Your Titles

I was taken by the visual analogies you made with our work.
I have been thinking about them in terms of working together in the future - how to make our blog real (in another way)

Using our blog as a starting point, why don't we create work based on the images that resonate with us?
I mean, we've found a way to get our blog to print - very literally.
Are you interested in doing something more lyrical?

Thinking about WSW - they have a regional grant that I could apply for.
Their printmaking studio is amazing, as is their paper making studio.

Initial thoughts: we could create a monoprint edition or body of work based on our blog - working independently but side by side. The residency is for a month. Something you see and want to respond to, something I see and want to respond to. I'm more inclined to follow that thread, based on the visual analogies you put together from earlier last month.
We could use those images as application images...?
Deadline for WSW is October 15. We have five days. Interested?

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