Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Conversation at the end of time

Re: Just checking your website!
From: Anitra Haendel
Sent: Mon 10/27/08 4:07 PM
To: Tereza Swanda
oh sweety. I wish I was there for you more!          "I wish I was there" underlined in blue. You are...

Now I can see the details...
and I yours, the small bits of red speckeled on the edge of a torn paper. One Snoopy extending a hand to the other while the other keeps his hands to himself. 

not only are the sanded lines delicate but so are the images in their fleeting lights and structures

                                                                                "fleeting lights and structures" underlined in blue.
The process is still about impermanence, so much so that now I recognize the body as shell, as temporary, as the universe expanding, shifting, changing constant, reading "A Universe from Nothing."

seems like that is part of it - the ephemerality of places - that they can be destroyed so easily via earthquakes, floods, bombs and the like - if they even exist at all outside the memory --

Krauss discusses the view of the universe by future astronomers. They will not see the expanding universe as it will be beyond their view horizon. It will be a view of nothing in one mega galaxy. Will there be a trace of our view, the Big Bang? Our memories? How do we leave a trace, art? 

they are also planetary and of the large picture of the universe - matter and atoms and energy flowing -- cities and places after all are very small - (see Dorothea Rockburne's work - she is into science and whiteness and darkness and fuzz i think)


energy flowing underlined in blue

i think they are also about your czech childhood. having a clear memory of some place but a fuzz a haze of others - perhaps the feeling of the scratches and the marks of the sand are just the feeling of those memories - - 
feeling circled in blue
my ground- my czech childhood, postcards, sanded
making space, clearing space, a space that is something out of nothing

sand is also pieces of rock and sea and it also is part of erosion - these are maybe a recognition of the natural erosion and fading away of certain feelings places etc - -
underlined in blue
my memories with you, clear and fuzzy, fleeting light in our self-made McKibbin structure
questioning classical analyses bust, in ocean, eroded

and then by you putting them down again in a different way they have been re[con]figured 
but can never be the same...

How do we best preserve you? honor your being, now refigured. unfigured
the shell cracked, energy, nothingness.
Is there something?
"but can never be the same" underlined in blue

just thoughts                                                                                                              just          thoughts

I find the sanding very interesting. the noise of it.                               the sound of it, the pause after
"the noise of it" circled in blue

maybe record the noise. (the scratch, the agitation, the movement,) you have always been interested in sanding and in work. i think the work aspect is important - the basic drudgery of sanding and also the meditative 
underlined blue
Cage's 4,33, record motherhood/cleaning for 4,33
for 5-10 hours a day
5-7 days a week

Maybe instead of making a painting of the postcard like angela suggested, sand off a big picture. You could get a photo enlarged and sand away on your spare time. just be sure to collect the dust and to wear a mask!

Sand a large picture of you, 
fine grit, recording sound, breath
wear a mask of  Mictecacihuatl like you did
I will send you some photos of my new paintings now. 
I love you!

good scissors are such a joy to cut with!

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