Friday, August 15, 2014

meaning and context

What do these sculptures mean?
What are the implications?
What is the context?

There is something solemn about this piece for me. The phrase 'bearing witness' comes to mind. It is interesting to have such a sense of doubt and such a sense of curiosity at the same time.

Claire asked me questions about context when I was doing rubouts on the studio floor, in 2006-ish. She suggested that the title of each rubout refer to an event to give the image context.

As I write this, her recommendations can also be applied to this piece.

What comes to mind, now:

  • Ferguson 
  • Los Angeles 
  • Nigeria
  • Anitra
However, I'm sensitive about speaking for others, and feel like the above titles speak to something a bit outside of myself. What pertains to my own position, so I can speak from here?
Thinking of doing a mind map about this

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