Sunday, August 17, 2014

blue, white and money green of George (possibly rainbow through other forms)

Fra Angelico blue (without the touch of yellow, the aqua)

context: US 2014
217 years after George's presidency, founding father of the US
Erasing him in order to cleanse one's hands from personal soiling
Not him as a human, but him as a symbol
him as a value of money
him as a symbol that can buy a commodity, in Nigerian context, a woman
in US context, keep women in slavery through child-rearing/home-keeping
him as not a representation of her

Soap is the color of marble
Painting of soap, the color of paper money, dark green
Silicone mold, food grade, (soap is not the only possibility)
it can be ice (clear)
fruit popsicle (for the kids consumption)

In another form, like food, there is a possibility for new meaning
Like licking and embodying George

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