Monday, May 5, 2014

Work and Light

A is for Ani (detail)
Carved, painted soap and pencil on wall
6 x 4 ft

Anitra, Anitra, Anitra, Anitra
Pencil on wall and light
6 x 4 ft

Finding your Traces
Pigment, pencil and light on wall and door

Light Presence

Birth of Stars
Charcoal, pigment and light on paper and wall. 
 6 x 8 ft

Light of Her Face

Light of Her Face (detail)

Birth of Stars, Light, and Baby, Caution Tape
Installation VSC

I'm exactly where I want to be
postcard, pencil on paper, light on wall

I'm exactly where I want to be (detail)

Re-looking, Re-finding

Looking through Feeling

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