Monday, May 19, 2014

notes from the early morning dark

Virtual Residency Invitation- Attend the residency with me through virtual means for the month of June.

I invite you to make a mark daily that represents you as a (m)other/artist- any art on the theme of birth and death is appropriate. In relation to another

-By invitation only

In a moment of a break
                                A (seeming) interruption

There is room to contemplate
                What one is actually doing and why
                (Is that the right mark for that time.)

A child, a fly, a ghost, a sound (any unknown entity)
                Comes precisely to shake up our (societal) ground and reevaluates all our doing

I have become (through parenting, eating, through relating with mom, our cat, spouse, grandmother, friend) a more focused practitioner of my art.

I love listening to my family breathe early in the morning, their rhythm synchronized. (the unspoken communication.)

Virtual Residency
-for artists with children (and others in relation)

Goal: How: to parent and keep artist-self intact
To break gender roles
Anything is possible

Set up a space/studio where coexistence is possible
                Understand Montessori’s “Absorbent Mind” set up a prepared environment
(respect every being large and small)

Don’t label “child” or even “Jonas, Ali, Oomy, Violet, Alessanro, Zaphyr-lily..."
Let them show you who they are without the label (Observe)

They are extraordinary,
We are extraordinary.

Create the mark you need in the moment you have.
We don’t have time, lucky for us, time does not (have to) exist
                A moment here and there- a recipe for creation

Be aware of breath
(know that what you need, you already have!)

Give yourself a gift of supplies
Give yourself a gift of time (both are already with you)

(arrange for a loved one- there are many folks who adore your child already- to care for your child throughout the day. Spouses are ideal as they get the benefit of a more intimate relationship with offspring.)

Communicate your mark, sound, color to others

(Baby,child is invited to be anyone they need to be throughout your residency.)

I want to blow this notion of “peace and quiet” to smithereens. The baby wants peace and quiet to rest, the child wants peace and quiet to read. The lack of peace and quiet are not created by the child. (He/she may have to scream over societal
noise to be heard once in a while.)

It is in the child’s response to a chaotic/unstructured/unnatural environment, that does not fit their natural parameters.

Throw the laundry into the air,
See where it lands!

It is important to set and understand parameters (like a Montessori environment, with child in mind,) So that one is then allowed to move/dance freely.)

Clear yourself a space

Ask yourself what baggage do you bring to this space?

Respect your process
With (parenting/any) interruptions
That your situation brings

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