Wednesday, May 28, 2014

projects one and two

Project one
“He won”- and determined not to let it happen again.
223 terracotta (masks)

Communicating without features

Letting both chance as well as precision guide
(Clay surface rubbed with lead)
Inspiration Faces by Sally Mann

and Boltanski quote- 'I began to work as an artist when I began to be an adult, when I understood that my childhood was finished, and was dead. I think we all have somebody who is dead inside of us. A dead child. I remember the Little Christian that is dead inside me.
Sally Mann quote “At the heart of “What Remains” is the question of decay and, I suppose if you get right down to it that’s at the heart of any portrait as well, not just Dorian Gray’s. Perhaps the instinct to make a portrait is based on an effort to preserve a human, physical moment that, with the next 30th of a second after the shutter clicks shut, has already faded, changed and, bluntly, decomposed…”

Terracotta masks- gender neutral masks/angels to help in the afterlife of Anitra?
Taken from 2 molds-those of my father and mother
Terracotta army- for emperor- found in a tomb for help in the afterlife

Dismantling gender wars
And inspired by making 223 girls/women reappear

Project two
Delicate penis play/spiral study
“Unstick yourself”
And again “He won”- and determined not to let it happen again.
(research patriarchy and its origins)

Experiment with gauze- any material in spiral formation
Review Tom Friedman’s list in relation to these object

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