Friday, February 7, 2014

A little bit of Faith

Fearful Symmetries, a retrospective by Faith Wilding

Getting this acknowledgement today was so important to me! 

Hi Tereza, so great to hear about all of this. I can't answer at length as I'm madly preparing for two weeks in chicago. We are hoping to travel the show eventually but don't know yet where/when. Meanwhile I'm still living in Providence and sometimes I come to Boston. So maybe we can even see each other one of these days.
Mothering is a super important work and has never been properly recognized--not even by many feminists.

in solidarity, Faith

Dear Faith,

I am currently in the Boston area, living in a four generation home with my grandmother and my newborn son. (It is a bizarre circumstance that blurs all boundaries: past and present, gender roles- under a strong matriarchy.)

Can choosing to have children be a feminist act? I hope it can, although sadly I still ask the question. To me it is in how one maneuvers within relationships- can we remain fluid. 

Here is a literal iteration of the idea: 
The past couple of years we were in Prague and Will and I switched. I supported us financially and he was the "stay-at-home" parent. It was pivotal for our relationship. I hope to be able to do this role switching throughout our lives.

Currently, I am orchestrating a project titled Mutual Cleanse. I take 120 soaps which my grandmother stored in her one bedroom apartment during Communism, carve them into portraits and send them out to other artists to use up. I'm thinking of the question What remains? after materialism, after life.

I hope to see your retrospective in person one day. It looks fantastic! (Is it travelling? Any chance it will make it to Boston?!) Can't wait to read your memoirs. 

All the best, Tereza

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