Thursday, February 27, 2014

Eggistential: Do I Eggist

I guess it is not the matter that I exist, but How do I eggist? In relation to whom and why?
I am in a lineage, familial, societal- What are the patterns of that family, society worth repeating? Any? Or do they always shift, even slightly in the present, every time?
Many preset patterns do not fit my nature, but I do not want to necessarily always fight with the established order (it’s exhausting.)
Once you break through the boundary- then what- more patterns but of a totally different nature.
I love that the studio, - space can be a space for other bodies, not all bodies, mind you. But it can be a space in which my daughter dances, my husband rocks our infant to sleep, and grandma moves in rhythm to the baby’s giggles. It is a space where we can feel natural, without some preordained roles. This is what I want to turn a whole home into. 
I move following a loose pattern of my ancestors but am conscious of how my movement changes everything. I do eggist.

Work in progress. No, better yet, work in process.

Dear Sir or Madam, 

Please accept the following images as the idea for my submission into the show, Eggistential

 I have been drawing on eggs since childhood, a rich, feminine tradition especially around Easter in my native Czech Republic. I have worked on Ostrich eggs on a couple of occasions.

Previously I depicted in oils the Bloody Sunday image from 1905 where victims and perpetrators looped in a continuous spiral in a piece titled History Revolves. 

Now I would like to carve into the Ostrich Egg- as is done in Eastern Europe currently onto chicken eggshells, images of mine and my daughter's bodies intertwined in mutual comfort. (See image 3.) 

Thank you for your time and consideration. 

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