Thursday, November 27, 2008

food for thought

When I get your clear questioning, I really don't need any more (schooling) than that- Your questions are right on. We pondered these with my artist-teacher just last week.

The idea that the postcards need to be in coffee shops around town has been on my mind since I bought a stack months ago. There is a fear of course of bringing it physically into public- which is ironically what it needs.

It is of course my fear- of being in public. The other fear is sanding the entire card where no trace of a recognizable space is left- ironically again I know this is what the cards need- as the space itself would then be space. This other fear is letting go of the image.

Thousand it is. I will work until then and see what that will bring. I make partners as I sand one (I think I showed you an image of this earlier.) So I have felt like I am in mass production mode: I cut a cardboard to the size of a postcard, followed by layers of gesso and then make duplicates out of the shavings. So far they all present a horizon- making a continuous landscape once the cards are aligned. (Again this does not talk of the space that I want more of a scape.) I will be excited to see what happens once the horizon is sanded. What do I paint then? I guess the space...

The writing is a learning. Learning the rhythm of the hand that wrote it and hopefully understanding the meaning through the process at a greater depth than just through the act of reading. It is this understanding that I want to recreate for the viewer. One way I have been thinking of doing this is through a projector: the handwriting copied onto a transparency which a viewer would select (connecting to someones word or phrase) and copy with ink onto the same wall the images hang on.

(I have purchased a PO box!) For now it is back to the sanding board and getting the cards to cafes. Thanks, Angela!

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