Sunday, June 1, 2014

Practice reflection

On the eve of our virtual residency, I reflect on my studio practice.
What are the overarching themes, if any?
Do I recognize what I am doing, what I have done?
What is my work communicating?

Some thoughts, to perhaps be translated into an updated artist statement in the near future...maybe even this month.

My work is informed by commonplace routines of domestic life, notions of interconnection, and impermanence and loss.
Through painting, performance, and object making, I place two aspects of the same thing in the same space, drawing connections between seemingly unrelated ideas, images, and forms. 

I work with materials that are fragile to reveal my own vulnerability: porcelain, paper, glass.
I find strength in working in series, and embrace deviation, even in things that are decaying. 
My work is influenced by Feminism, and Minimalism.
I can't see how much it is influenced by Dada or John Cage, but there is deep admiration for the bravery of both.

Repetition as meditation on impermanence.

I work with discarded and overlooked items to equate the value of all things.
I work with domestic actions like cleaning to bring to light what we as a community take little notice of, and highlight the ethos of human condition. 

How can a performance of sweeping the streets be communicated as an aspect of meditation? 
How can a meditative act of beading or embroidery also be considered a performance, or a drawing?
How can a painting speak of anger and stillness at the same time?
What is the stain of memory?

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