Wednesday, March 26, 2014

  • love to your son!‏

To: Tereza Swanda

I am so happy for you. A boy amongst all the pretty girls. You'll have to buy him new clothes, no hammy downs! And Will will have a son to play ball with and tinker on the car with. Unless Ali already does that stuff.
Is Ali still a dancer and singer?   I watch "So you think you can dance" and I think of you and remember when you gave me your dancing shoes and sparkly blue outfit. Which I wore just last year!
Are you birthing in water again? This time it'll be easier.I remember the photos of you - so red in the face! I wonder if you will make umbilical chord artwork again.
I gotta go to a group therapy session now...I love you always.

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Tereza said...

Dearest, I cannot think of another way to reach you (letters are coming soon,) but here will do, as any space in hopes that our dimensions will cross. I think it was you that I saw Nancy Spero's procession with in NY. I remember it vividly, gestures continuous, along, horizontally, across the walls, dancing. I want to dance with you again. In another place, another realm? You helped me justify my being.