Thursday, March 6, 2014

art, life (no separation)

I wish I could scan in what I wrote after our last conversation -
where to "go" with our collaboration, what to "do".

I think about the phrase: " what happens when nothing happens?"

performance, ongoing


we started this online conversation, prompted by the suggestion of one of our teachers.
now we have a desire to explode it into 3 (or more) dimensions.
what's at the crux of this desire?
I know what liminal means.

Literal translation of blog entries into book seems, well, too literal.
Perhaps we can extract the posts we feel most connected to in terms of theme and personal resonance and create a book from those. I mean, we have over 2,000 entries to choose from!

Installation. A response.
A wall a mile long.
Visual anthology of the last seven years for the next seven years (and beyond...)
What kind of responses are we interested in making?
How do our individual practices affect, relate to, influence our collective practice?
Is there any overlap? I think yes, of course, but how to explain...?
The spiral continues upward, northward...

Focus on one month of our blog, or one theme, each time we see each other
-repetition - as act of meditation, as part of being alive
-silent communication (the written word. Are words actually silent?)
-Felt, not Literal

Spoken word "interviews", actual conversations recorded

A necklace for two people

Roll dice or consult I Ching to understand what the nature of this collaboration is
Use chance to see where we begin, for how long, where to "go"...

I found these images from the past seven years.
Still have a lot to learn from them

Mixed Media

Lost or drawn over

Last One Standing

Behind Closed Doors

Crosses Corset
Mixed Media on Canvas
Painted over or thrown away


Studio wall

An homage to Annette Messager and Sue Williams

Wished For
Found Photograph

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