Wednesday, March 12, 2014

art life

I have to talk about the 'feel' of your images from the last post. (Albeit the images now speak for themselves.)

I FEEL THEM! That is so important for me. Before although I felt them, it was subconscious. I did not understand why I was drawn to them. Of course, now I also know your life to a greater degree and the images are that much more powerful.

I keep going between this writing and another window I have open of the images and one more that contains your writing. I'm learning how to read those marks, the color, and the last image hits me like a ton of bricks. (So disturbing!) And "Wished for" in the manner it is written, breaks my heart. I think you have a show with just those images.

I also have time to contemplate the images in the slide show format.I have time to pause between them. "What happens when nothing happens?" relates to that pause. I am learning it is crucial to give something space/time for contemplation. (This is all going through my head in-between nursings when I can't sleep planning the installation this month for "To/From Mothering".)

Space/time contemplation is what this blog has been. (Besides the evident pause from my everyday household chores and child rearing. What a ridiculous word.)

I find the definition of words fascinating because I always find a new nuance than the one I started with. Example:
gerund or present participle: rearing
  1. 1.
    bring up and care for (a child) until they are fully grown, esp. in a particular manner or place
    "he was born and reared in New York City"
    synonyms:bring up, raise, care for, look after, nurtureparentMore

  2. 2.
    (of a horse or other animal) raise itself upright on its hind legs.
    "the horse reared in terror"

So it does not define how a child should be reared although it is in a 'particular manner'. I find definition 2 in relation to the first definition disturbing. I'm assuming the second definition came first and then someone applied it to a child! The image of a "horse reared in terror." The power struggle ingrained already within language!

I would like to see our collaboration take on many forms. Firstly, I love our dialogue online and off. It was also significant to meet at MassMoca. The Sol Lewitt instructions are very interesting. He died the year we started the blog, 2007. In relation to what one leaves behind, it is something to think about in our work. 

I still want to see the blog in a tangible form like a book, unedited. Just to be able to run our fingers through.
Then I would like to do what you suggest: take what is relevant to us now and do a book of that. Then, instillation, live-in the space and pass ideas physically back and forth.

In the mean time, I also want to continue this here, in the moment responding one post at a time.

Love, T

Healing Wounds, 2004
oil and transfer on paper

Trust Fall, 2004
oil and transfer on paper

Healing Wounds, 2007
oil on canvas (4'x6')

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