Thursday, July 25, 2013

I don't get the sense that Anitra is very far away.
I keep telling her "it's OK, you're OK" in the way I comfort my son when he's upset or confused.

I knew her better when she lived in New York. When she moved to LA, and I moved outside of the city, we didn't keep in touch. But that was OK. Especially during this last year, and the last months of her life in 3 dimensions, you and others kept us all abreast of how she was doing, and what was going on.

I thought about her a lot today, and happened to, totally by chance, drive by the loft you all shared in Brooklyn. It was a surreal moment. She felt really close.  Most of the images I have of her are on film, and I will post them as I scan them in. These are from 2008 xo

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