Tuesday, July 30, 2013

clearing space

It's become very obvious that I have to transform my sense of what my 'day job' is into something that manifests my beliefs. Currently, that is not happening. I'm scared, even though I'm unhappy. When I see the photos you just posted, it makes sense that there is no time to waste, there is no past or future, just the present moment. I miss Anitra more and more and more. My mind is playing tricks on me, and my heart is very, very sad. How could she have made that impossible choice? How did fear invade her mind and spirit? Talking about it doesn't seem to help that much; being in the world and continuing to practice art is the only way I have found that makes sense. It's the experience beyond language that I am connecting to. I will post images tomorrow. It was really good to talk to you earlier xo

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