Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ani Remains

Today's process in the studio- thinking of just questions,
What remains?
What precedes?
What follows?

Looking at these now, they all question time.

(top; a shrine for Ani, evolves daily)

(bottom; when carving her portrait in Poison Ivy soap, her smile reminded me of an expression of anguish I had painted on an egg-shell years ago. It was uncanny how the two were similar and made me think of her dual emotions, smiling in every photo but a deep, deep sadness underneath. Tape asks from left to right; pain, and, or, pleasure?)

(I see the cross in both of the above.)

CZ proverb; "To a friend with help, even at midnight."
(I wish I was there with her at 2AM.)

(front and back) a collaboration we sent to each other

This may not be the book you mentioned but one Ani sent me. None-the-less, I read the preface and worked with it. 

quote: "We need to study the past, become vulnerable, transcend our fears, better analyze the present, and look beyond the shock of the moment."

"Enlightenment is an accident."

Reminded me of Ani's flip painting series. 

I took the quotes from JFC that I had written and taped all around the studio and started sticking them on my round belly. 

top says; "mix the right blue"
bottom; "pain and or pleasure"
others said; "no preexisting answer"
"blood memory"
what precedes, what remains?

starting Chapter 1

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