Friday, August 24, 2012

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what is your way? (just presence)
doesn't take effort or time
you hold up the corner

We sit here with all that is us, all that we know and don't, all that we have seen, all the images from art history, all the traumas and joy. What does one need to bring to light at this moment? What are the myriad of things, thoughts, no thought non-things that this moment connects to? (Diagram above)

I see a grid in everything, our underlying current. (It is not always in a grid form, it can be sounds, shapes of tyles under one's feet, a pattern stenciled on the wall of my grandparent's home now repainted, covered, but none-the less there.)

consider it- think it is a possibility
Referring here to one holding up their own corner, holding up whatever is blocking you.
who?- the present focus
who is thinking?
your own thinking
the colonies-uniform (it doesn't matter)

Here I thought about Alenka and the uniform she wears to school, her delight and my revolt in the name individuality. We discussed the uniform, how for some it it creates a sense of outrage while for others it was a  comradery. 
span- distance to see something else
strong influence on thought
sensation - thinking is a practice, present always
memory or projection - no reality at all
your apprehension of the world
is limited to your senses
(concentrate) on what you can receive-
what it can receive

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