Sunday, August 19, 2012

pg 1- notes on thinking from Just Forming Contect

Instability pleasant

thinking about thinking
(in relation to creativity,
in relation to making things
and making no things.)

I'm thinking about the objects we saw at dOCUMENTA13- in the area labeled the brain,  there were objects from art history, objects in relation to each other represented in contemporary context. Time was questioned, as we bring endless images/thoughts from the past into our present. 

It was interesting to see "stuff," tangible objects, as we are as a culture moving away from materiality. The question then remained what stuff was brought in and why? There was a beautiful display of Bactiran Princesses. The brain of the documenta warrants an entry on it's own...

understand what is already there.
everything is already present.
how do we begin? free your thinking,
get rid of obstacles 
practice thinking
thinking is not directional
image of a fishing rod- reviewing practice

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