Wednesday, November 30, 2011

artist proposal


Without you here, I feel a bit alone in the world ;)

I'm not sure if I will continue this blog without you, as it began as a conversation between us.

It seems strange and somewhat unnatural to post da sola.

Anyway, I applied for a solo show at an upstate gallery today.

Below I posted my statement and proposal.

I sent the images from 2010, before Alessandro was born.

I hope I am able to communicate with words what I can in painting.

I often find it paralyzing to write a statement and proposal.

If this blog continues with just me as an author, I will let you know what the outcome of the proposal is.




My work is an exploration of the human condition. I speak about memory, tragedy, loss and redemption predominantly through painting and performance- based work.

I begin with experiences from my own life and then move outward, drawing connections between my personal history and the stories of others. I find that taking this step is transformative in and of itself. This work is not just for me to overcome individual heartbreak or misfortune, but to open up a dialogue that also facilitates for others a space of catharsis.

Artist Proposal

For x I am pleased to propose an exhibition of figure paintings, comprised of nine canvases, formally united in identical size. Each piece depicts an individual woman in a various stage of either pregnancy or motherhood.

The series takes its inspiration from Sandro Boticelli and Piero del Pollaiuolo’s The Seven Virtues. As an alternative to the idealized forms that Boticelli and del Pollaiuolo present, however, my work offers the viewer a more egalitarian relationship to the female form. The women are not romanticized or put up on a pedestal; they are partly autobiographical, partly allegorical, and partly based on real women in my life who also happen to be mothers.

In the special setting that x Gallery offers, the paintings would resonate in an intimate way. It is important to me to exhibit them as a group, and in a woman-owned gallery. It would be a pleasure to collaborate.

Thank you in advance for the consideration.

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