Friday, February 6, 2015

Red (and Blue) Library- first eleven questions

(Going through Tom Friedman's questions with our collaboration/show in mind)

A) Object  Exchange, Dialogue, Two
1) knowledge  Feminism, Art, RnC
a) name and type of object  Exhibition, Installation, Mixed Media- The Red (&Blue) Library
b) function  Intro to Feminism in CZ context
Working with local women in Meaning Cleaning, Conscious Object, Patchwork US Flag
1) what does it do?  looks at the disenfranchised, entitles us and them
2) how is it used?  breaks cultural barriers through 7 year dialogue- women have similar issues, childcare, unpaid labor throughout the world
3) why is it used?  to display another perspective, (thinking about the CZ contemporary, David Cerny)
c) history his and her story, CZ and US, Communism and Democracy
1) where does it come from?  two
a) geographic location  Jesenik, Boston, Florence, New York, Prague, Cape Town
b) culture  post-communist CZ, post-capitalist US
1) object's history and relevance in this culture  Feminism is a dirty word at best in CZ, my dad feared the word, feared us having a class in it in college, the ending of a female's last name connotes paternal ownership
(We need to think about the specific objects we will use and answer this question with each object.)
2) where was it made?  online, through dialogue, neither here nor there, elements of both
3) who made and/or makes it? Angela and Tereza, in collaboration with women in CZ
4) is it part of a larger object?  yes, a compilation of objects, mixed media and videos
5) is assembly required beyond its place of construction?  Yes, installation will be as much part of the process as the artwork itself
6) is it handmade, machine-made or a combination?  Hand and digital
7) evolution of its present form?  7 year exchange, 20 year individual process
a) how?  continual study, workshops
b) why?  transformation (physical form including gender)
8) when was it made?  over the last 7 years, continuing
a) relevance being made at this time  around a new millennium, time of reflection, going deeper into the collaboration
9) what is it made out of?  oil, fabric, clay, soap, bronze, video, sound?, smell? temperature?
10) is it unique or are there many of them?  yes, unique to us and no, in relation to women's work that is invisible all the time
11) property  no ownership
a) who owns it?  two
b) why did they get it?  through RnC, motherhood, art practice
c) when did they get it?  last 7 years
d) value  infinite
1) monetary  and otherwise

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