Monday, February 9, 2015

my apologies for misspelling- Pradelna Bohnice

Red Library

The Red Library, or Cervena Knihovna, was an edition of romantic fiction bound by red cover targeting a female audience at the turn of last century in Swanda's native Czech Republic. The books were formulaic usually with misogynistic content whose aim was to shape feminine stereotypes. In this show we intend to flip, play with and dismantle those stereotypes. 

Pradelna Bohnice, is an alternative, contemporary space in Prague, CZ. Set on the grounds of a psychiatric ward of the town Bohnice, a suburb of Prague, it was preciously a laundry facility for the hospital’s linens as its name implies (Pradelna means Laundromat.)  It is a multi-functional space, for visual, contemporary, “live” works, that confront the public with the concepts of today’s artists. The goal of the program is to support specific, quality, multi-media projects and to open up dialogue with the public.

In looking at their past shows, I found that in 2013 there was a show titled, “The psychoanalysis of one space,” that of the gallery.  It talked about how till 1993 the laundromat was used to wash all the laundry of all those hospitalized.  It talked about the role this space,  where massive amounts of mechanized cleaning hid the hierarchy between patient and doctor. (It even has images of women working at the facility! This space is perfect for our show!)

We need a short paragraph on Airing Dirty Laundry, and if you could tie it into your statement that would work well. I’ll do the same with Mutual Cleanse and my intention within this context. I think we have ourselves a proposal!

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