Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Come see: (after the) Ten Bulls

Thirteen artists converge around the Ten Bulls, a Zen Buddhist story which they first encountered through a shared workshop experience over a decade ago. Each artist contributes a work in response to revisiting this text, re-considering its social implications and giving it new materiality. The story hovers in the room—not as an explicit or direct point of relation, but more as a point of refraction, slant connection, and review. Collectively, the works offer an evocation of the text that evades description, illustration, or faithfulness. The exhibition re-reads this old, sacred parable through contemporary gestures and contemplations on what it means to train a bullish mind.

Angela Rose Voulgarelis, Carla Repice, Haley Mellin, Holly Ann Brooks, Jessica Houston, Jessica Segall, Kiran Chandra, Maya Pindyck, Michael Miller, Michelle Prazak, Tereza Swanda, Todd Siegel and Tracie Lee.

Pairs (Above and Below)
Pairs (Angles)

Untitled (left), Capital Cleanse (right)

For Ten Bulls, I cast 48 bars of soap 2" in diameter, a box of George Washington's, a box of quarters in “Capital Cleanse.” I provide soap for the Temporary Agency bathroom for the duration of the show. $12 represent money exchanged for one girl sold in Nigeria, April 2014. In conjunction “Untitled,” Gauze, 3x roughly 4x3", unrolled 4'x3", is an object my grandmother uses to bandage and wrap her knees daily, a habit of forty some years. She curses my grandfather as she rolls, for making her ride his motorcycle in the cold Czech winters causing her aches and pains. 

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