Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Grandmother's Favorite Proverbs

The one who asks for too much, 
lacks as much in himself -Horatius

Go to a friend in need,
even at midnight -Czech proverb

Love me a little,
love me for a long time -English proverb

Optimism is heat -London

Beauty fades,
stupidity is forever -Nestroy

The world is a beautiful book,
but that does not matter,
to the one who does not know how to read -Goldoni

Life is a joke. I have always thought so,
now I know it -Gay

If you love a wife, 
sometimes leave her -Malayan proverb

The happiest one,
is he who wants least -Buddha

The more I get to know people,
The more I love dogs -English proverb

Believe everyone and don't trust anyone -Italian proverb

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